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If the USA was a shop in a mall-of-the-world, what would it stand for?

Nope – not a political rant – but a marketing one that draws some comparisons in the hope I help your business strategy in some small way. Sure it would be one of the large-format or ‘Big-Box’ Department stores that mall owners love to think of as anchors, but what would the shoppers think?

Here’s a few comments from recent shoppers in a (fictitious) random survey

“Store USA used to stand for quality craftsmanship, but these days any tools or appliances I buy there are re badged imports. I can buy the same item cheaper over at China or any of the boutiques stores in the south-Asia wing. I don’t know if I can trust an American brand to be, well, American anymore”

“I went in for some help last year. They had some products that met my needs, but only accepted Store-Dollars and Store-Cards, and they didn’t have the foggiest idea where I lived or how to ship my purchases to me”

“We’re the Biggest and the Best used to be their slogan right? They are resting on their laurels a bit, not the same anymore. Need to revitalise the place I think”

“I know store security is important – and those guys are doing a great job, but doing my finger-prints just to shopping – well its not worth the hassle when I have the kids with me”

“Their styles are just fine – but have you seen the latest Italian range?”

“I think they have the big store blues. They have become the brand all the little stores love to pick on. They gotta rise above all that and deliver real service again”

“You can buy anything there. It may not always be the cheapest or the best, but its convenient to do all my shopping in one place. Brand-wise, I guess its a bit of a K-mart. Its sorta stuck in the middle of all the other brands”