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Image by rofanator via Flickr

If customer service is truly about caring for your customer, and you and your team are deeply passionate about what you do…

Would not the best measure be Gratefulness?

If you client is truly grateful you see it in their eyes on the day you complete your delivery, a week later, and a year later.

If your client is truly grateful – they will recount their story to others – for years.

That is true customer loyalty and the highest honour for your efforts and honest to goodness word of mouth marketing.

Its happened to me only a handful of times – but they are the best of career highlights.


A picture is worth a thousand words – check out this sign at the entrance to a Hyderabad Restaurant I pick up from a Digg article

Check around your own parking/reception area – have you got any negative signage? Not going to put your clients into a buying mood is it?