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You go out for a meal, something about the place you choose is not to your liking. Its one of your regular haunts! Maybe the new menu doesn’t excite you or the service was slow, or a new waitress just doesn’t cut it.. No matter what the reason – the next time you are deciding where to go, you more often choose somewhere else. You go to this favorite place less and less regularly.

OK – so you vote with your feet, and they eventually loose a customer.

Your customers are no different. If you wait until they stop buying, then its too late, (churn – yuck – I hate that word, its so un-personal).

Most sales reporting focuses on just that, and customers who are buying less-frequently are buried in a maze of other factors until its too late.

This is just one of the more obvious scenarios – and there are many – where you should be looking for what data you DONT have as much as the data you do have. Becuase the don’t-have data is full of potential, while the do-have is just history.