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But what do you DO?

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Marketing, Small Business
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Walking down the street where I currently work I realized I had no idea what most of the businesses around me do. They all have wonderful logo’s and business names prominently and proudly displayed on the buildings, but no explanation of what they do.

A couple of examples: “BCCJ ltd”, “Ramcorp” “APS”

Signage on the building is a priceless way of promoting your business to the people closest to it – your neighbors.

Tell people what you do, how they might benefit – or at least give them enough that they might recommend to a friend they try you out.

Step out onto the street. If you had just landed from Mars – would you be able to determine what your business did, what makes it unique, and why you might try it? There is no law preventing you from putting more than three words on your street front is there?

What do you DO?


Google works backwards to the human brain.

(No its not a Google-bash, just an interesting observation of the clash between human-think and techno-think)

Someone once said that you need to know how to spell a word in order to look it up in a dictionary. Searching is just the same.

Try searching for a graphic logo… (ever wonder why ‘The man formerly known as Prince’ chaned his name back from a squiggle?)

Or give it a picture of an unkown location and ask for information on the location

You cant give it a picture and ask to search for similar.

Even when you know some of the details – its really next to impossible to search for “That red brick school with the white picket fence in Northern England”

Now apply that thinking to business use:

You name a product with a generic name – like Microsoft’s ‘Word’ – seems an easy to remember nice generic name – eureka!

If you try searching for “Word problem” you will get an enormous list of kids educational games and the like. And Microsoft are a big company with a global marketing budget – what chances have you got?

So – in the brave new world you need something you can search for becuase in an always-online-and-searching-world


  • A cool wiggly graphic and no descriptive name on your company cars
  • A cool landmark building with insignificant signage
  • A company product name that is used to describe a million other things