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I love this graph and the effective way it communicates its message. Thought you may find it interesting too.

Market Share Growth Vs Profit Share Growth. (Source:

The way I read it:

Apple has stolen the baton from Nokia. Nokia is discounting to survive

Second tier players – Samsung, Motorola have held their prices, but lost valuable influence they may never regain

Motorola’s board will be patting themselves on the back for not getting into a price war – but are knocking on the back door of the market (they’re dead)

Sony is the worst performing – losing market share and profit in perfect symmetry

It also shows features and add-ons to tired products are no substitute for fresh thinking and geniune new ideas!



New Zealand national rugby union team

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Meeting your legal obligations with safety warnings and such does no have to be boring

In fact if customers are involved – you should really try hard to make it fun – make it a point of difference.

If memory serves – Southwestern Airlines in the USA was the first to inject a little humour into the safety briefing such as, “There are 50 ways to leave your lover, but only 6 ways to leave this aircraft” and many more.

Seems many airlines from around the world including our own Air New Zealand has picked up on this and made it their own. I recently saw their new video safety briefing that features several All Blacks, (New Zealand‘s National Rugby Team), and Graham Henry, their coach. My favorite line was “If  you need to smoke on this flight – consider yourself dropped” (from the team)

This appeals hugely to any red blooded Kiwi. And if you don’t know how significant the All Blacks are to New Zealand – try asking one of us – we’ll be only too happy to tell you just how significant and how good they are.

So the question for today becomes – How can you turn something you HAVE to do in your business into something fun? And not only for your clients – what about the staff (” Oh no – not the Monday meeting again”)

Oh – and if you want to see Air NZ’s video – go here:

And with this sort of attitude I don’t think its a coincidence Air NZ continues to be profitable while many other airlines are stumbling along.

The Australian elections this weekend gave a sobering lesson in how (NOT) to stand out from the crowd.

Both major parties appeared to pedal similar policies and want the same things, (at least from an NZ perspective)

Result: A hung parliament – too close to call, and all power now vests with the tiny solo ‘independents’ and the one seat of the Greens. Its happening all over the western world as political parties bend over backwards so as not to offend anyone – and end up not standing for anything and annoying everyone.

The lesson applies to large business – if you are perceived to be similar to your major competition – then you will loose market share to some little startup sooner or later.

It could be argued Apple did just that when the phone market was full of me-too items

The lesson applies equally to small business – stand for something different – stand out – and you wont be trampled by the big guys – but you might just grab more market share than you expected – in a hurry – from people bored with the same old same old.

So – In what way is your business the same as your competition?

And how can you change that – and strengthen your customers perception of a business that is strong, vibrant, a leader – someone they want to do business with!

TV: Leaving a sinking ship

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I dont watch TV. Really. Havent seen a minute of it since June 2007. I LOVE all the time it gives me back for my hobbies

Statisitics show I am not the only one switching off.

A recent trend at my local movie rental store is a big feature on TV series. Seems they rent well.

My kids rented season one of Heroes – and I watched it too – great show and even better knowing you are not going to miss an episode or endure all that advertising.

It would seem even the TV shows are leaving TV. How long before rental only series become mainstream? Drama that hasnt been touched by network execs. Drama that is not conformist PC and blander than the director intended?

How long before serial drama sells itself purely on artistic merit?

Yes – there is a good side – spam filters also block a lot of  poorly constructed advertising.

Remember the laser printer and the ‘Desktop Pulishing’ revolution – DIY publishing – which simply subjected us all to poorly constructed in-house promo material. An 8:30am sales meeting is no place for 14 kinds of fonts on pink paper!

We put up with this situation until the world gradually realised the value in print media specialists, and went back to using them for the important stuff.

The SPAM problem means we are going to get to the point faster with Direct eMail.

Already I come across small companies that have learnt the hard way that spewing an offer to any old email list is not only ineffective, it flags their precious eBrand as a spammer and makes it harder to get real mail to real customers! Hooray!

As spam filters get ever more sophisticated you can look forward to seeing less and less unsolicited offers of any kind!

What does this mean? True Relationship Marketing. More on this over the next few days.

I seemed to have struck a chord with many of you when I wrote about Google trends recently.

Ive been doing some more digging and the results are intriguing to say the least.

Any business term I use – Marketing, Sales, Business, Trends, Money etc – all are decreasing in popularity. Without exception movie stars, sports and other terms best described as entertainment far outrank business terms.

Technology as a term seems only of importance in India and Australia, while a ranking comparison of God,Good,Evil and Bad has Good way above the others – except in Brazil where Evil wins the day!

It would seem to me the long tail is getting even longer – and the super-mega-stars of the search term rankings still belong to whatever subject the mainstream media gossip about.

You buy a book for twenty or thirty bucks and get an idea that makes you millions

You go to a seminar for $200 and get several ideas that save you millions

You see an ebook on line, from an author you know for $5 and bypass it – looking for free content. Why?

People can’t charge you what the ideas are truly worth to you they can only charge for the delivery of the ideas – a reasonable amount for the ink, paper and bookstores efforts – an amount to cover conference venue, food and speakers expenses.

Ideas – knowledge – is only really truly valuable when shared with others. New media allows this to happen efectively for ‘free’

Trouble is – good ideas are competing with a sea of dross – and many sink before the world can see their value.

It would appear the celebrated ‘long tail’ has a sting in it.