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Where are You Supposed to Be Now?

No – not about time management.

If you have published a book – you would be nuts not to have it listed on Amazon. Similarly  an audio book or song just has to be on iTunes.

So where should your product or service hang out?

In the middle ages people with similar trades grouped together in the same location. Some professions such as car sales continued the practice through the industrial era – its rare to find one set up completely separate from all other car yards.

So be conscious of this …….new world – where should you be located in the virtual world – separate or together? Which one and why?



The Bathurst 1000, held at Mount Panorama Circ...

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I sat and watched the Supercheap Auto 1000 Motor race at Bathurst yesterday and it struck me what a lot  V8 motor racing and marketing have in common.

The first crash of the day was in the first lap, spectacular and completely destroyed the $400,000 car because of a $1.20 part. (Attention to detail – especially in customer service)

One team had no end of trouble – pit problems, tyre problems, bad luck on the track – but still ended up on the podium. (Perseverance, and Focus)

All the teams never lost sight of where their money was coming from – sponsors – and always took the time to answer the pit reporter’s questions as though they had all the time in the world (Public face, customer service etc). I wonder how many senior management could learn this one a little better?

From memory the safety car only came out 4 times, no one was hurt and no one retired because of mechanical problems. (Everyone was professional, prepared. Competition is stiff)

One team had suffered a major prang in practice and needed a part from Melbourne in order to race. A rival team lent their private plane so a round trip could be made to get the part. The team worked through the night to rebuild the car. This story was repeated all day as an example of the passion for the sport overcoming rivalries and gave massive positive coverage for both teams sponsors.


What $1.20 parts are you cost-saving on that could derail the entire marketing plan. Are your ‘free’ customer gifts cheap and nasty? Is there fine print in your agreements that upset customers frequently? What do your customers moan about the most? Chances are it will be something small at the heart of the issue – FIX IT

If you think you are coming last in the market with a lemon of a product – can you dig deep and find the tenacity and market focus to end up winning?

Are you and your team well prepared and trained, rested, un-distracted and sufficiently professional to tackle all the competition in a long haul race at  300 kph?

When have you helped a competitor – for the good of the industry, market, customer base – i.e. when have you put long term ahead of a quick win?

Watch this little video – even if you are not an iPhone user I am certain you will be convinced of the usefulness of this little gizmo.

Now – How can you apply the clever viral techniques this promotion uses for your own products and services?

Away for a bit

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Marketing

I’m off overseas for family celebrations – my Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and my Nieces wedding. Normal transmission will resume upon my return at the end of the month.

I thank you for your support

I can touch you from anywhere

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Marketing, Strategy
Sale In A Sale Shop Selling Sale Signs

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The Boxer that can reach the furthest wins.
Technology wins wars.
Technology that extends your reach gives instant business advantage.

Using available technology in a new way wins battles.
Using technology in production to out produce the competition wins a war of attrition.
Americas capacity to make stuff won the second world war. They could make submarines and tanks faster than anyone else.
Surprisingly many people do not realise that the objective of most wars is to destroy enemies industrial base not just shoot at their foot soldiers.

So who’s winning in the new media world – you or your competition? Who’s using tech most effectively? Who’s planning your industries equivalent of a trojan horse, a Waterloo, a Pearl Harbor?

Are you launching – or waiting for a surprise attack where you expect it the least?

And it’s probably from someone on the other side of the world. I can touch you from anywhere.

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

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Updating my earlier Standing-out-from-the-crowd post here

After ELEVEN MILLION votes have been counted one party is only 800 ahead of the other. I can’t even recall which party it is – probably just as well one has a female leader and the other a male otherwise how could we tell them apart?

I am sure many of my Australian friends can tell you in detail how the two parties differ, but to an outsider – what gives?

And that is my point – be very aware you know the difference between your business and the competition – but as a prospective customer – do I care?

In a previous life I did work for several of the big trading banks all at the same time and we used to joke the only difference between them seemed to be their colours. “So – are you going to the blue, green or red bank today?” sort of thing.

Try this – next time a brand new customer turns up on your doorstep – ask them to explain what they perceive is different about you. And the rules are – you are not allowed to believe their kind words – listen for factual differences. Can you do that? I’d love to hear your thoughts

Cover art from America's 1998 album, Human Nature

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Why being an Accountant Sucks

It amazes me that this is one of the most popular posts on this blog. It was never intended as a slight on accountants – more about how they stand to lose when they do their job very well.

This post still rates views every day and I suspect it is the headline. Which just goes to show this is why newspapers spend so much time crafting negative headlines

It also says something about human nature that is ‘sub-optimal’ IMHO. Why are we attracted by ‘bad’ sounding titles?

I’ve gone to remove this post or change its headline several times, but I want to see just how long it continues to be picked up – that makes me human I guess…..