Terrorism in Business

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Business Advice
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Fear is the stock and trade of terrorists. They act fearless and hope to paralyse their target society with fear. The intense security surrounding the Commonwealth games in India has inevitably lead to smaller crowds held back from the action and athletes held in the protective custody of their accommodation. Bearing in mind the whole point of the games is to bring the Commonwealth together, I can’t help but feel the terrorists have won this round – Whether there is a bomb or none.

What makes business people fearful?

* The threat of legal action.
* Possible Patent disputes.
* The potential power of a bureaucracy.
* The threat of industrial action.
* Our products might not be as good as others.
* My staff just don’t seem to be as motivated as theirs.
* Tax audits.
* Cashflow projections.
* Pressure Groups Protests using you as a football.
* The new mall just  down the road.
* A Competitor that seems poised to dominate.

Did you notice that none of the items on this list tangible? None are real. Every single one is only a possibility – a fear. A little terrorist in your head.

Now I appreciate you are tough enough to handle all of the above, otherwise you would not be in business in the first place, but fear can be insidious and influence a decision unconsciously. I recall meeting a one-time competitor and sharing war stories. We were both shocked to realise we both thought the other was the better equipped, better organised and had superior products – and had both factored this fear-belief into how we approached prospects. Had either of us been conscious of this – we could have been twice as successful.

So – what fears are keeping your business from being more successful?

Is your competition just using guerrilla warfare tactics to scare you? Is it working?

Chances are the competition is no more scary than the wizard of Oz.

Chances are they will back off in fear when you seem confident, assured, act boldly and decisively.

Chances are they will become fearful when you seem fearless….



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