Auzzie Politicians – Outstanding (NOT)

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Marketing
Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

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Updating my earlier Standing-out-from-the-crowd post here

After ELEVEN MILLION votes have been counted one party is only 800 ahead of the other. I can’t even recall which party it is – probably just as well one has a female leader and the other a male otherwise how could we tell them apart?

I am sure many of my Australian friends can tell you in detail how the two parties differ, but to an outsider – what gives?

And that is my point – be very aware you know the difference between your business and the competition – but as a prospective customer – do I care?

In a previous life I did work for several of the big trading banks all at the same time and we used to joke the only difference between them seemed to be their colours. “So – are you going to the blue, green or red bank today?” sort of thing.

Try this – next time a brand new customer turns up on your doorstep – ask them to explain what they perceive is different about you. And the rules are – you are not allowed to believe their kind words – listen for factual differences. Can you do that? I’d love to hear your thoughts


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