Legal Stuff Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Business Advice, Humour, Marketing, Trends
New Zealand national rugby union team

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Meeting your legal obligations with safety warnings and such does no have to be boring

In fact if customers are involved – you should really try hard to make it fun – make it a point of difference.

If memory serves – Southwestern Airlines in the USA was the first to inject a little humour into the safety briefing such as, “There are 50 ways to leave your lover, but only 6 ways to leave this aircraft” and many more.

Seems many airlines from around the world including our own Air New Zealand has picked up on this and made it their own. I recently saw their new video safety briefing that features several All Blacks, (New Zealand‘s National Rugby Team), and Graham Henry, their coach. My favorite line was “If  you need to smoke on this flight – consider yourself dropped” (from the team)

This appeals hugely to any red blooded Kiwi. And if you don’t know how significant the All Blacks are to New Zealand – try asking one of us – we’ll be only too happy to tell you just how significant and how good they are.

So the question for today becomes – How can you turn something you HAVE to do in your business into something fun? And not only for your clients – what about the staff (” Oh no – not the Monday meeting again”)

Oh – and if you want to see Air NZ’s video – go here:

And with this sort of attitude I don’t think its a coincidence Air NZ continues to be profitable while many other airlines are stumbling along.


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