Why Throw Prospects Back to Google?

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Business Advice, customers, Marketing, Technology

You type “Auckland Personal Development Seminars” into Google and watch every man-and-his-dog shout ‘pick me – pick me’ at you – everything from Yoga to Yoda. – How do you decide which link to follow?

About three down on my list – this sort of leapt out at me:

Seminars – Seminar Insiders
Auckland, New Zealand Seminar Details Overview: Do you Dream of Being Wealthy?
….Compilation of great Professional Development Books to Help You on Your 
www.seminarinsiders.com/ – Cached – Similar

Have a closer look at this site. Open this link and have a look – why does this site work?:

It works because it satisfies key requirements of a good website:

1)     There is emotion conveyed in the pictures.

2)     There is all the normal buttons and confirmation of where you are in the site

3)     Looks dynamic, like a lot is going on – and you are missing out

4)     There are clear things to do with the off-red “read full Story” and “Submit” buttons. (The latter is a horrible word, but defacto std)

5)     The panel in the top makes you associate this gentleman with others – including Jack Canfield of ‘The Secret’ fame – and there’s Anthony Robbins – you get a sense the site is Kosher – or if you have landed on the wrong page – they are doing everything to avoid loosing you back to Google.

6)     The darker colour scheme focuses your attention to where they want to focus it. This could easily be another pallete – say light light blue background and a more orange colour for the action buttons – but the purpose of the background is exactly that – be a supporting background – don’t upstage the content with a “LOOK AT ME” extra-bright colour – unless you know all the rules and make that choice very very carefully for very very good reasons! (If i see another purple Self-help site I will scream!)

7)    Most of all the site is very clear on what it’s purpose is, and every element of the design works towards this goal. There is no fat – no ad-agency creative like beautiful banner taking up half the screen and contributing nothing – no engineering-level boring product specifications that only confuse people.

8)    I’ll repeat point four for emphasis – there are suggested things to do – (“Read Full Story” ) so many websites get the eyeballs to vist – then don’t tell them what they want them to do next!  ever caught yourself on an unfamiliar website saying, “Okay – this looks interesting – now what do i do? – Worse – caught yourself on a familiar website saying this?

Or worst of all – caught yourself on your own website saying this?


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