No PASS mark in business

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Marketing, Small Business

A speaker I once heard was discussing the school grading system

A = Excellent
B = Great
C = Pass
D = Not Pass
F = Really Bad

He argued that there was no D on the scale – that was the teacher being nice and the only thing below a C was and F for FAIL.

I’d argue the same point holds for small business except there is no C. There is no PASS.

Everyone wants to associate with Excellent companies, most of us are content with Great companies but –

Nobody wants to have a passable hair style
drive a passable car
eat at passable restaurants
earn a passable income
go to passable schools
read passable books
watch passable TV shows
Marry passable partners
have passable friends

If you had to rate every aspect of your business right now – which parts would receive a C? And what can you do about it – now?


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