What type of Car is YOUR business?

Posted: August 16, 2010 in customers, Humour, Marketing

If every business in your market-space was associated with a type of car:

Who becomes the Ferrari?

Who is the Mercedes?

Who is the Toyota Corolla – fairly basic & just keeps going and going

Who is the most unreliable?

Who never gets washed and cleaned? Who needs a new paint job?

Who doesnt maintain the engine and tyres in top condition?

Who runs their business like a lived-in commuter car, with food,books and clothes strewn all over the seats?

And who has the car that is a joy to be in?

Who stands out when all the cars are lined up?

What makes you stand out – is it the great things or the not-so-great things?

If it were a car contest tomorrow – what would you do right now?

Well – why haven’t you started yet?


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