Prove it works is dead. Long live prove it pays

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Business Advice, Strategy, Technology

In the 80’s proving you could move data across town would have cinched the deal. If you tried to prove that now – your customer would be calling the guys with the little white jackets

Nobody doubts you can coobble together existing technology in some unique way that suits a very specific and useful business need.

Everyone is skeptical about translating that usefulness into value – and into money.

I have seen many people learn this the hard way – including me. Spend time and money getting something working, only to find that wasn’t the roadblock to success.

Imagine how dumb I felt standing there with a technical marvel, focussing for months to get it right and not once thinking about how I was going to get to that first paycheck. Like many others I felt the world would beat a path to my door. The money would happen like ‘magic’.

So next time you have a brainwave, and are about to hock the family car to build a proof of concept / prototype/ demo unit. STOP. Figure out how to sell the concept as-is to someone.

Even a “If I demonstrate my design will do xxxxxxx then you promise to pay $$$$$” is a big way forward.

And if you can’t – you saved time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

And if you are worried that if you tell someone they will take the idea and copy it – then your idea needs more work. Because that is exactly what WILL happen sooner or later

And if you find the idea is not quite what people want – relax – you are doing market research for the real world-changing idea!

So follow the money honey – how do you get from right here right now to that first sale?


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