Service Shift with Office 2

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Business Advice

I recently purchased a copy of Office2 HD. It’s a Microsoft format compatible word processor and spreadsheet for iPad – $10.99.

It became apparent pretty quickly there was a bug – exacerbated by the way I preferred to work.
There was a link in the help file for reporting problems – so I did. And while I was at it – I requested a minor new feature that meant a lot to me.

I got an answer within hours that blew me away: “Thanks for reporting the issue – we have issued new release that addresses this issue, and you should be able to access it via iTunes in the next couple of hours.

I did. It worked. I’m gobsmacked.

A company offering amazing global customer service – for free – on a product that only costs $10.

Compare that to Microsoft Office – $499 for Home and Business – $1039 for Office Professional.
Microsoft support is good, but not always free – I’m not Microsoft-bashing here but their business model prevents them from matching the service I got.

I walked into one of the big box computer stores the following day. Apple products occupy a modest space in one corner of the shop. Now I know why. Hardware only for Apple whereas every other computer, games console and gizmo had a software section.

The world has changed and the incumbent players haven’t figured out how to change to match yet. What an amazing competitive advantage.

How could you pull a trick like that in your market place?
Because if you arent going to do it soon. Someone else will do it to you.


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