Go Ahead – Upset Potential Customers

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Business Advice

One of the hardest things to do when setting your target market is to ignore all that potential business from areas outside your chosen target in your marketing efforts.

With each week’s marketing – little extras can appear – the old “We specialize in …. but we have a wide range of ……. too!

It’s DEATH for your marketing strategy – we all know it, but choose to ignore it, let it slide.

So here’s the challenge: If you are not upsetting one or two people who are NOT in your target audience – then you are not sufficiently focussed on your target.

Think of the stereotypical 70’s rock band that upsets whole generations outside their target.

Middle aged people upset you don’t carry their clothing styles in your teen-focussed fashion shop.

Mothers upset that you don’t do discount childrens ‘hair cuts’ in your carefully crafted salon service offering.

See how Apple upsets credible techno-journalists who think they should do this or that.

I am sure you can imagine how New Zealand company Hell Pizza has a whole tribe of upset people.

Now I am not saying you should deliberately go out of your way to upset people. But if you are true to your target – some of the potential market will fall outside your net, and if some of these people aren’t clamoring for your attention – wanting you to change – then you are not focussed as much as you think you are.

So – when was the last time you had a complaint – from someone outside the narrow cone of focus you work so hard to maintain?


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