Oldthink Example: JobBoard

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Business Advice, Marketing, Small Business

A local restaurant is advertising for more wait staff. They have a blackboard on the street that reads:

“We need experienced Wait Staff. Join our team”

Now this might have worked in the unemployed eighties – but not in the full-employment current times.

You are left asking yourself “Why should I join their team? Is it good enough for me to chuck being a Brain surgeon to haul wine bottles? Are the benefits so good I’d trade my mother for them?”

We all use Old-think at various points in our daily existence – its always easy to point out the follies of others, but think about what you did already today – and where have you fallen into the trap of old-think with predictable results.

  1. BadGirl46 says:

    Exactly the same story could be repeated about chromosomes Nos. ,

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