Secret Business Tool: Humour

Posted: April 1, 2008 in Business Advice

Everybody likes a laugh. If you look at email patterns I am sure you will find jokes fan out in a viral way faster than any other sort of idea.

Advertising agencies have been aware of this for years and we have been entertained by funny commercial after funny commercial – You tube is full of them!

So why no humour on business websites? Are we all (yes I include myself) still stuck in brochureware too much for my own good?

I recently threw together a website for a local business – a framework they could use to gather the content upon. The graphics and text I used was largely a spoof. Illiterations in headlines, and mad scientist photos where the real ‘respectable’ ones should be. The logo was even a bit of a dig at a world domination internal joke.

Up went the site and staff got busy gathering the relavent ‘real’ information. Some of it even made it to the site. Then a funny thing happened. People started to comment on the ‘inside jokes’ on the website. Its become popular in the customer community (Scientists, Lab technicians and other research staff is the companies primary market).

The company has decided to keep it as it is – becuase it is working better than any smoothly polished silky worded site could ever hope to achieve.

Bit like the local handiman who found years ago that hand-written notes in letterboxes got him more business than a proffessional brochure I guess – but thats another story.

Curious? You can see the site here NZ Scientific Limited. Make sure you check the about us page…



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