TV: Leaving a sinking ship

Posted: March 31, 2008 in Technology, Trends
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I dont watch TV. Really. Havent seen a minute of it since June 2007. I LOVE all the time it gives me back for my hobbies

Statisitics show I am not the only one switching off.

A recent trend at my local movie rental store is a big feature on TV series. Seems they rent well.

My kids rented season one of Heroes – and I watched it too – great show and even better knowing you are not going to miss an episode or endure all that advertising.

It would seem even the TV shows are leaving TV. How long before rental only series become mainstream? Drama that hasnt been touched by network execs. Drama that is not conformist PC and blander than the director intended?

How long before serial drama sells itself purely on artistic merit?


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