Google can’t search for what you can’t describe

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Business Advice
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Google works backwards to the human brain.

(No its not a Google-bash, just an interesting observation of the clash between human-think and techno-think)

Someone once said that you need to know how to spell a word in order to look it up in a dictionary. Searching is just the same.

Try searching for a graphic logo… (ever wonder why ‘The man formerly known as Prince’ chaned his name back from a squiggle?)

Or give it a picture of an unkown location and ask for information on the location

You cant give it a picture and ask to search for similar.

Even when you know some of the details – its really next to impossible to search for “That red brick school with the white picket fence in Northern England”

Now apply that thinking to business use:

You name a product with a generic name – like Microsoft’s ‘Word’ – seems an easy to remember nice generic name – eureka!

If you try searching for “Word problem” you will get an enormous list of kids educational games and the like. And Microsoft are a big company with a global marketing budget – what chances have you got?

So – in the brave new world you need something you can search for becuase in an always-online-and-searching-world


  • A cool wiggly graphic and no descriptive name on your company cars
  • A cool landmark building with insignificant signage
  • A company product name that is used to describe a million other things

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