Are You an IT Slave? The Art of Techno-Delegation

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Business Advice, Marketing, Technology

Technology is a delegate – not a boss.You are the boss, your databases, websites and applications are the delegates. They work for you to improve your business

“Yes of course!” –  you say…

So why  do so many companies efforts revolve around their technology?

“Sorry I cant ship that – the system wont let me release the goods”

“Its not in the system”

“I cant give you a price until I have your completed form Am-501 and provided fourteen forms of ID the computer understands”

“Oh I use Google to find stuff on our website – the menu’s too hard for me as well!”

“All our customers complain about the automated phone answering – but it saves us hiring an extra person”

Why do so many companies ‘work around’ their technologies shortcommings? Why do they put up with it instead of finding ever better ways of making it work for them?

Yes I know technology is not perfect – use that to YOUR advantage – in short –  use some creative thinking!

For one client I helped improve their new customer lead process by removing the absolute decision-making power of the software and giving power back to the phone operators. We captured their intuitive assessment of the callers situation – and used descision-rules to provide them with pertinent information passively – THEY chose to use it or not.  Result? Significant improvement in lead conversion and customer satisfaction and a whopping 80% reduction in call times (see my earlier post on the evils of forms!)

Its easy to get dragged into the detail of the process and loose sight of the goal. I could collect 4 pages of detailed financial information and use a formula to determine if you have the capacity to take on this mortgage – or I could sit back – realise this is just a preliminary discussion and ask you one question – “Do you think you can afford it?”

Now we are getting onto the subject of treating people as humans – and that is another soap-box altogether!


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