Why IT speaks a different language

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Business Advice, Strategy, Technology
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IT thinks logically, business thinks intuitively, (while sometimes pretending to be logical!).

IT gathers requirements in a rather rigid way by necessity, business management requires infinite flexibility.

Consultants have invented a myriad of systems to make business more logical, and therefore more accessable with logical thinking

Agility and other IT initiatives have attempted to bridge the gap, business has restructured around available technology with faith this will bridge the gap.
How to get the best from both? 

I dont have the complete answer, just a bunch of techniques to use in various situations. Here’s a couple to think about:

1) Turn the project on its ear. Instead of starting with business requirements and specifying the requirements (which tend to be systemic and today rather than strategic and tomorrow). perform a ‘forensic’ analysis on your data (i.e. – what do we have NOW) and combine it with inuitive brainstorming (OK so what cool business things can we do with it) then add inuitive extension (If only we had……)

2)Set the challenge – Convert business goals into a specific challenge for IT rather than a statement. “How can we pick up unusual declines in key client sales?” will get you more useful answers than “I need a key client sales report”


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