The Good Side of SPAM

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Business Advice, customers, Marketing, Small Business, Trends
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Yes – there is a good side – spam filters also block a lot of  poorly constructed advertising.

Remember the laser printer and the ‘Desktop Pulishing’ revolution – DIY publishing – which simply subjected us all to poorly constructed in-house promo material. An 8:30am sales meeting is no place for 14 kinds of fonts on pink paper!

We put up with this situation until the world gradually realised the value in print media specialists, and went back to using them for the important stuff.

The SPAM problem means we are going to get to the point faster with Direct eMail.

Already I come across small companies that have learnt the hard way that spewing an offer to any old email list is not only ineffective, it flags their precious eBrand as a spammer and makes it harder to get real mail to real customers! Hooray!

As spam filters get ever more sophisticated you can look forward to seeing less and less unsolicited offers of any kind!

What does this mean? True Relationship Marketing. More on this over the next few days.


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