Posted: February 11, 2008 in Business Advice, Marketing, Small Business, Technology

Bored? Lonely? Need a challenge?


Challenge yourself. Meet people.
Be successful in something you are passionate about. Start a new business!



I’d be willing to bet that while you were reading that last sentence a loud inner-voice said “No Way”, almost drowning out a tiny, “ooh yes please”, tremor somewhere in the recesses of your emotional mind.


Maybe you have been-there-done-that, or never had the opportunity – either way I don’t care – but you are still reading this column so……


The three hurdles for most people are:

  1. Getting an inspirational Idea
  2. Devising a cunning business plan
  3. Doing it.


What sort of business to start? As in Science, so too in business. Most revelations do not happen with Eruka! – but begin with a “That’s funny”. Start with something you know all about, suffer from or gladly avoid. The idea does not need to be big, flashy or all that original. Look around you – what inspires/annoys/frustrates/upsets you? Chances are others feel the same.


Your cunning scheme does not need to be a profit-making venture either –contribution to societies greater good is a rewarding alternative.


Some people never seem to be short of ideas, but fall at the second hurdle. Turning a fine idea into a hard-nosed business plan. The key to this is to never allow yourself to be swayed from the idea – only accept advice on how to achieve it. Don’t rely too heavily on friends and family either, there predisposition to a) say nice things or b) maintain the status-quo can colour their comments.


Still reading? RIGHT – its time to take the first step.


A myriad of Studies show those that work tirelessly at something they care about are healthier and live longer. A mission in life trumps “work” every time.


Call me if you want to bounce an idea over coffee or just need a nudge in the right direction. I have never charged for this service as it is my way of ‘paying forward some of the advice and opportunities I have had given to me.


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