Looking after the little customers counts

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Business Advice, Marketing, Small Business, Uncategorized

When I was a kid dirt bikes were cool. We knew all the models. We would visit the dealerships to see the latest machines. Some shops would let us even sit on the shiny new machines – others would shoo us out of the shop with a scowl.

When we were old enough – guess which shops we bought our bikes from?

All businesses are the same – if you look after the little purchasers, the big ones happen magically – but wait theres more.

A family member had difficulty getting a specific product at a large local Hardware retailer. “Sorry we don’t carry that slow moving stuff any more”
So he went elsewhere – now guess where he takes his $,000’s of business?

You see – if you figure a way to economically look after the little purchases then there’s more profit in it for you. If you dont – someone else will – and they will start taking business from you. The Railroads learnt this the hard way in the last quarter century – all those unprofitable branches turned out to be the source of all the profitable mainline traffic. Cut one – and you hurt the other.

So – who is your smallest, hardest to service customer – and how can you structure things so this business is worth your while? Do this and watch the big sales roll in.


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